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Dan Bongino is talking about what the FBI is doing and why they are doing it. I think it is well worth your watch. In the segment, he addresses the revelations by an FBI whistleblower about the efforts to target President Trump. He also talks about how we in a Constitutional America are no longer free.

Look for Dan’s exclusive interview tomorrow, September 22, with a whistleblower. It will be a mind-blowing interview.

You are no longer free when the government threatens lawsuits and seizure of your home and accounts because of how you vote or what candidate you support. The Biden regime is coming after MAGA and anyone who supports Donald Trump. They are no longer attacking those in government and President Trump’s associates but are now attacking private American citizens. President Trump warned us they weren’t after him but us. And the mainstream media is helping with the attacks as much as they can with their propaganda. The democrats have weaponized the FBI and the DOJ against the American people.

America, think about why our forefathers fought. Think about what the men and women fought for in all the wars in which America involved itself. They fought for freedom from tyranny in our country and other countries.

Think about the freedoms we have lost in just the last two years under the Democratic Joe Biden’s presidency. Do you think we will survive as a country for another two years under the Biden regime should we lose the house and senate in November? What will be the consequences should we lose? So please, vote your conscience and with prayer in November. The freedom of our country depends on it.

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Don't be censored

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