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The police reform deal Democrats came up with united centrist and progressive lawmakers in the party on a key issue right before the midterms.

For a few years, we have heard narratives from the Democrats to ‘defund the police.’ In their minds, this bill was created to tear the narrative down, but I believe the bill does the opposite. It highlights the fact that the Democrats are still holding onto their wish to defund the police, but they are simply changing the language in the bill with hopes of fooling the American people.

The package is made up of four bills that would fund local community groups that work to reduce crime, grants to smaller police departments for recruitment, and programs for mental health services. In addition, the deal includes a bill by Rep. Val Demings(D-FL) that would issue grants to police departments for solving gun violence crimes. “Today, we will witness with our own eyes who actually wants to fund the police,” Rep. Val Demings said in remarks on the House floor, adding, “Join us in backing the blue.”

Their words sound police friendly but beware. They are laced with hidden agendas and outright lies that fake stream media splash across the airways.

House Republicans criticized the legislation, with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) saying during a debate that “one of the phrases we’ve heard from the Democrats over the last couple of years is ‘reimagine policing.’ Now, we know what they mean.”

Jordan argued the legislation would take funds from communities “who funded their police and give it to communities who didn’t.”

Rep. Jordan is correct in his statement. This bill must be stopped. Call your representatives and tell them when they vote on this bill, it should be “no.”

Representative Pete Stauber tweeted his thoughts, and I absolutely agree with Rep. Stauber. is correct in what he had to say at Truth Social.

Replying to @WashingtonExaminer

If they wouldn’t have created the policies to destroy our cities and release criminals onto our streets they wouldn’t need a federal gestapo bigger than the FBI. The radical idea that you don’t arrest looters or arsonists and no bail releases caused this situation. What are these police going to do? Arrest those who disagree with government? FJB

Remember, the Democrats know how to phrase words to ‘sound’ good, but it is all just an act to fool the American people. We must show them they will no longer fool us. We show them by voting them out in November and placing Conservatives who genuinely love our constitution and the American spirit of FREEDOM.

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