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Dan Bongino interviews FBI Whistleblower, Special Agent Kyle Seraphin, in what Dan calls a bombshell interview about the inner workings and corruption of the FBI.

The interview is broken into two parts, but both videos are in this post for you to easily access. Part One was definitely an eye-opening interview.

In the episode below, Dan continues his interview with FBI Whistleblower Kyle Seraphin. Some of the details Mr. Seraphin shares about what occurred inside the FBI are disturbing. However shocking it might be, I believe the details are necessary to wake people up.

“Thank you to Kyle Seraphin, there are many whistleblowers coming out and exposing what is taking place in the FBI and the DOJ. It will soon be a flood. They are American heroes!” – President Donald Trump.

UPDATE: Dan Bongino says more whistleblowers are coming forward. God bless and keep these brave agents for doing the right thing.

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