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President Trump spoke in Warren, Michigan, on Saturday, October 1, 2022. As only President Trump can do, draw a massive MAGA crowd and get people excited. That is why we love him.

Regarding Democrats, President Trump reminds us, “They want no voter ID. You know why they don’t want voter ID? They fight voter ID because they want to cheat.”

He urged Michigan people to shatter every record on election day. “You have to defy every prediction and swamp Gretchen Whitmer, the radical Democrats, with a colossal, red, Republican wave.”

Right Side Broadcasting reported that a former Michigan election worker had been charged with two felonies for allegedly falsifying election records and planning to utilize a computer to commit a crime during the August primary elections.

President Trump, in August, rallied Michigan in support of Tudor Dixon via Truth Social. All Republicans must unite and work hard for Tudor and Shane. He also endorsed attorney general candidate Matt DePerno, and Kristina Karamo, for secretary of state.

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