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When Donald Trump ran in 2016, the media and celebrities screamed, “There’s no way Donald Trump will be President.” But, then, he won!

Fast forward to 2020, the extreme liberal communists loving Democrats went all out to ensure Donald Trump ‘lost’ in 2020. (We all know President Trump won). So, through the massive voter fraud, lying, and cheating, the Democrats got what they wanted. They got Joe Biden.

In only two short years that feel like two hundred, Americans have suffered through the PLANDEMIC and a recession. And now, we are experiencing inflation to the point where nearly every American family suffers and has to cut costs to survive.

I don’t think the average, middle-of-the-road Democrats are happy with Joe Biden now, but there is one thing for sure, crazy Joe has united us.

Many argue that President Trump had too ‘close of a relationship’ with foreign leaders. Still, I thought the goal was to accomplish peace with other countries to avoid wars, trade and do business with, and work together for the world’s good. I know that Donald Trump succeeded as President of the United States. He was an astute businessman who knew how to deal with powerful people, and the foreign leaders liked and feared him because they knew they could not bully him.

There is no doubt that world leaders do not like nor respect Joe Biden. I fully believe that had President Trump continued as our President, we would not have experienced what we have gone through in the last two years. And, Lord help us, we have two more years with him.

So, when 2024 arrives, I hope we remember what it once felt like to be a free, succeeding country and vote for those things again.

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