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I wrote an article on Monday that Kari Lake was set to win the Arizona governor’s race. I believe she won the seat, but voter fraud is alive and well in the 2022 mid-term elections. Everyone was poised to congratulate Kari on her victory as the next set of ballets came from ‘ruby red states. However, victory was stolen from her, much the same as President Trump’s victory in 2020. Nobody will convince me otherwise. As late as yesterday, the Western Journal posted that Kari Lake was catching up, but then the bottom fell out.

If done correctly, I have no problems with fair and free elections, but we all know the 2022 mid-term election was anything but free and fair. Western Journal, in an article, shares 24 videos documenting spoiled ballots, broken tabulators, and the dreaded ‘Box 3’.

Kari Lake knows she was cheated out of the election. I hope she does not concede what should have rightfully been her win.

We should not be shocked that this year’s mid-term cheating occurred as the 2020 election year was never repaired. The cheating in our elections will continue until we force the representatives to grow a backbone and say, ‘enough!’

We have had some wonderful victories this mid-term election, but we must not be satisfied when there is one hint of fraud. We are set to win the house and possibly the senate, and I had felt confident we would win them. Now, I’m not so sure of anything.

The elites are determined to fight to the bitter end to destroy our country. They will win unless we are willing to stand up and fight for our freedoms. If we do win the house and senate, we, the people, must send a clear and concise message to our representatives. Tell them to clean up our voting system in America and do it before the 2024 election year. If we don’t, 2024 will be stolen from the people again.

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