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House Republicans vow to investigate Joe Biden and his family, but will the truth come out, and will Joe receive reasonable judgment if he is found guilty of knowing what Hunter was up to and what was on the laptop? I hope so. But we cannot seem to have fair elections, so how can we depend on the justice system to do the right thing?

I trust Jim Jordan, so I believe he will do all he can to see this investigation through because he thinks the American people are entitled to the truth. And he is correct; we are.

When the White House Spokesperson was asked about Joe’s involvement with any of his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings, Karine Jean Pierre had this to say.

She doesn’t answer the question but reflects it elsewhere by saying the Republicans should focus on caring for the American People, not on one family. And this is what the Democrats do. They investigated President Trump and nearly got away with ruining him. They expected us to accept that Donald Trump was guilty of everything they accused him of and remove him. And they did succeed in stealing the election from President Trump in 2020.

However, when their guy and his family get investigated, our representatives and we in DC are trying to get to the truth; the Democrats say we need to focus on something else. Why are they so uncomfortable about Joe being investigated for his involvement with Hunter? But, you know, the Democrats don’t want a free nation but one where they control the narrative and the American people. Now that we have awakened and decided that we aren’t going to be spoonfed their trash anymore, they are feeling the pressure. We must continue to apply pressure until the entire truth about everything comes to light. And, oh, my, it is so fun to watch the Democrats squirm.

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