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China Is the Model Biden’s Regime Wants for America

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Tucker Carlson contends, “It’s very obvious now that from day one, China was the model that American officials and public health officials used to respond to COVID here; in fact, it still is the model. In fact, lockdowns are still happening in China. They never really ended, and our public health officials have never stopped applauding those lockdowns.”  

Why does Tucker believe this? Watch this informative video and discover what Tony Fauci said when he sent someone over to see what was occurring there.

As you heard in the video clip, Tony Fauci wants the U.S. government to do the same here in America. Deputy Clifford Lane, sent to China by Fauci, was stunned by what he saw there. 

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Entire Chinese cities had been quarantined, the whole city. Huge numbers of people were forcibly locked inside their own homes, sometimes to starve to death. Secret police cruised the streets, forcing pedestrians into windowless vans for the crime of being outside. Household pets, dogs and cats, were declared unclean and beaten to death on the sidewalk.

So, Lane returned to the U.S. to tell Tony Fauci what he’d seen there. According to a new report in The Epoch Times, based on depositions that emerged this month, Tony Fauci was envious.

When asked by a reporter about human rights violations worldwide, John Kirby says that the White House doesn’t need to speak on behalf of the citizens worldwide because they speak for themselves. So, according to Kirby’s answer, our leaders in the White House will not even defend against human rights violations.

Can you see the problem with his answer? We fought in war worlds against human rights violations. We lost millions of Americans in vicious wars to defend human rights. Now, look at us; all those soldiers who lost their lives in wars would be ashamed of us. If we do not stand up against what our government is doing, we will be treated like the Chinese citizens are treated. In fact, the stance on China, according to our government, is a model for what they want to do in America. Think about that.

According to the news, ten people died in this apartment, including a child, when the Chinese authorities locked them inside.

My friends, this is quite disturbing. America was started because of rights of people were violated by England. Our history is surrounded by the fact that we stand for human rights—the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Instead, the Chinese government is violating their citizens to live their lives in freedom. And what the Chinese government is doing to their people is a model for what Biden and his regime want for America.

Do you think President Trump would have sat back and watched China do this to its own citizens? No, he would not. MAGA patriots have fought for our freedoms alongside President Trump while the mainstream media called us liars, terrorists, and conspiracy theorists. It looks like we were right all along.

If we do not stand against evil, it will occur in America. It already has to a certain extent, but it can be stopped if we take a stand against tyranny. Therefore, we must first and foremost pray for God’s mercy and guidance. We then must become brave warriors for our country.

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  1. In a court case, FoxNews defended Tucker Carlson by saying that no reasonable person should believe what he says. THIS is your source?? 🙂

    And your “evidence” of what Fauci supposedly said isn’t based on audio or video of Fauci but instead what a fakenews websites says that he said. THAT is evidence to you? 🙂

    Ninth Commandment review for Fake-Christians: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

    “No spin, just the facts.” HILARIOUS!

    “MAGA patriots have fought for our freedoms alongside President Trump while the mainstream media called us liars, terrorists, and conspiracy theorists. It looks like we were right all along.”

    That’s funny. Actually, it shows that you spread lies and absurdity–which is why you delete my comments and NEVER respond to anything I’ve written. What’s it like knowing that what you write can’t hold up to any questioning because you’re lying?


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