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Treehouse Antifa Calls for Violence against Atlanta Police

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A group called Treehouse Antifa calls for violence after one of their comrades die during a gunbattle with Atlanta, Georgia, police officers.

On January 20, while attempting to clear an encampment near “Cop City” in Atlanta, Georgia, the site where the $90 million Atlanta Police Department (APD) facility will be constructed was the location of the incident. In a statement, Georgia Department of Public Safety Colonel Chris Wright states the protesters fired a shot and hit an officer, to which officers fired back. The suspect was killed. The officer is in stable condition. The identity of the trooper and the man involved have not been revealed.

The post attached to Treehouse Antifa’s website absolutely calls for violence against police officers.

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A Call to Retaliation

Posted on January 18, 2023

“The worst has come to pass.
An unnamed forest defender has been shot and killed in Weelaunee.
Consider this a call for reciprocal violence to be done to the police and their allies. On Friday, January 20th, wherever you are, you are invited to participate in a night of rage in order to honor the memory of our fallen comrade.”

Love and rage
Defend the Atlanta Forest

The Antifa activists called “Treehouse Antifa” took to the streets on Wednesday night at Little Five Points in Atlanta and began throwing scooters. They had been holding a vigil for their fallen comrade.

The Defenders of the Forest said in a statement to Fox News Digital that it is “a broad, diverse, decentralized movement to defend the Atlanta forest.”  They also stated that they are a “news aggregator for the movement” and “not affiliated” with Scenes from the Atlanta Forest.
In another tweet, posted several hours later, the group added: “The police will kill you if given the chance. Now is the time for bravery. Take care of each other.”

All of this violence against police officers are absolutely the Democrat’s responsibility. Many of the leaders in their parties rallied the violence after the George Floyd killing.

If you live in or near Atlanta, Georgia, I send my prayers on your behalf for your safety. It might be a good idea to stay indoors this weekend if you live in the area. Stay safe, everyone. We are not in a short-term battle but a long-term war against those who want to cause harm to the general public and eradicate police officers.

The Democrats wanted to defund the police, and they still want to take citizens’ guns away. If that occurs, we will be defenseless against thugs like the Treehouse Antifa and be at their mercy. The violence in Atlanta is out of control, but it is not just Atlanta. It is every major city, and is a good reason, we must hang onto every gun right we have under the constitution. Also, we must fight for our police officers because if they were to vanish, we would live in an even more dangerous world than we are now.

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