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The discovery of classified documents at former Vice President Mike Pence’s home. Pence’s team disclosed Tuesday that his attorneys conducted a search of his Indiana home for sake of caution after classified documents were found at Biden’s home and a former Washington, D.C., office he used after leaving the White House in 2017. This definitely complicates things, doesn’t it? My main question is how many people in D.C., are holding classified documents? People that are supposed to be in charge of our national laws and security are failing miserably.

Greg Jacob, an attorney representing Pence, wrote to the National Archives on Jan. 18 to notify them that Pence had directed a search two days earlier that turned up two boxes with some materials with classified markings. FBI officials took possession of those two boxes on Jan. 19, as well as two other boxes with copies of administration records, Jacob said.

President Trump states that Mike Pence was an innocent man and to leave him alone. I have no idea why President Trump is defending Pence in this situation but I do not agree with him. Pence has never been an innocent man.

Lindsey Graham says he does not believe Mike Pence would intentionally compromise National Security. However, we all know what Mike Pence did on January 2, causing Biden to remain in the White House as an illegitimate president. Further, I don’t trust nor like Graham so his word doesn’t mean anything to me or many others in our country.

The question I pose is this, why all of a sudden are all of these classified documents being discovered? Is someone planting them? Does that sound absurd? Possibly it does, but something is definitely going on with all these classified document discoveries in the last two weeks. I know one thing for sure, our government leaders need to do better. The entire system needs an overhaul and we need trustworthy representatives in D.C. It is likely these documents have already reached foreign enemies and our country is compromised.

Don't be censored

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