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The Defender headline is one for us to celebrate today. Breaking: Federal Judge Blocks California Law Punishing Doctors for ‘COVID Misinformation’. A federal judge in California on Wednesday granted Children’s Health Defense-California Chapter’s request for a preliminary injunction to block a California law that would have allowed the state’s medical boards to punish doctors for spreading “COVID-19 misinformation.”

The lawsuit was filed after Newsom, on Sept. 30, 2022, signed California Assembly Bill 2098 (AB 2098), which was set to take effect Jan. 1. AB2098 would have in essence, prevented physicians from providing treatment or advice related to COVID -19 contradicting contemporary scientific consensus and treated as ‘false information and the physicians would have been subject to disciplinary action.

Read the full story from The Defender. This fact is they want to control the medical narrative and attempted to punish doctors for giving patients truthful advice. That sounds like Communism to me. We must continue the fight to stop our state and national governments from attacking our freedoms.

Original article By  Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

Don't be censored

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