All Things Trump

As proud Patriots and Deplorables, we are always wanting to know what President Trump is doing in his battle to #DrainTheSwamp of all the corrupt swamp creatures. In 2008, our fellow citizens bought into the false hype of hope and change. The only problem was the change Obama and the Democrats were promoting was to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ the USA into a Socialist country where we would no longer enjoy our God-given freedom to live our lives as we see fit.

With the Russia Collusion Hoax, open borders which allows the invasion of thousands, even millions of illegal immigrants, wide-spread voter fraud, and the quest to force socialism on freedom loving Americans. During the Obama years, we saw the government forcing the American people to purchase medical coverage they couldn’t afford with the promise of lower premiums and deductibles. That was s BIG lie, as people promised they could keep their doctor and insurance soon, found themselves without the medical coverage they needed.

However, there was a light at the end of that LONG, eight-year nightmare. You see, hope was restored for a bright future on the day businessman Donald J. Trump came down that escalator with the lovely and soon-to-be First Lady, Melania Trump.

As Trump supporters, we all enjoy learning what new things President Trump is doing. Nothing makes us smile more than learning those stories that show us the things the lying, media refuse to cover.

We will be focusing on ALL Things Trump. From all the important things he’s doing to make our country GREAT, to those little family stories we all love to hear.

The 2020 Presidential election cycle is beginning, and we all know the Democrats and Never-Trumps will be up to their old tricks. That is why we must stick together and help President Trump with a STRONG show of support

Knowledge is POWER. Together we can stop this steady march toward Socialism by re-electing Donald J. Trump as our President for four more years!