Islam’s Holy War for World Dominance

Islamic Terrorism. Just saying those two words will get you labeled a hater. With the broad brush term of Islamophobia, many people find themselves shamed into silence. However, our silence has only emboldened the Islamists to continue in their quest of world dominance.

None of us will forget how we felt when Islamic terrorists attacked the United States of America on September 11, 2001. While we grieved the loss of 2,996 innocent lives, we were told not to blame all Muslims for the evil actions of the 19 men who formally pronounced a Holy War against western civilization. A shock wave of disbelief filled the hearts of every freedom-loving American citizen that dreadful day. Many wondered how could that happen to our country? Who would dare attack us?

In spite of all the lies and spin from those in our government about Islam, we need to listen to what the Islamic leaders say is their plan to destroy western culture. In their eyes, we are all infidels. We have no right to exist. We are unpure and must be snuffed out.

Islam has ONE goal, and its followers do not believe you should have a choice. Their goal is to make the entire world ISLAMIC. So we are to convert or DIE.

With the millions flooding into the countries in Europe, we have been witness to how they plan to gain control. Never fall victim to the lie of these people are innocent refugees. NO, it’s all part of their plan. We need to wake up before we end up like so many other countries who are now forced to live under Islamic Law.

We will be publishing several articles about Islam; its foundations and beliefs. One must understand their enemy if we are to survive as free people.