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Censorship: The Left’s Weapon to Destroy Conservative Speech


As of this morning, the Trump Dispatch Facebook page is under attack from the all-knowing and always fair Facebook Fact-Checkers for posts they deem as FALSE NEWS. Yes, sarcasm was intended.

So what do they consider False News, you ask? Apparently, it’s anything they consider a threat to their leftist agenda or that upsets the fragile little Snowflakes.

While trying to post in the Trump Dispatch Central Facebook group earlier today, this message from Facebook was found.

Your Page has reduced distribution and other restrictions because of the repeated sharing of false news. People will also be able to see if a Page has a history of sharing false news.

It seems they have decided I can no longer post to a Facebook group that I created.

The first offense was this post: If you’ve always wondered why the Democrats continually go after anyone who stands in their way, Speaker Pelosi explains it here. We, as Patriots, must not allow them to get away with such things.

This was the response from Facebook

They also flagged a post about Mitt Romney’s son’s connection with Ukraine, and one about ID cards allowing illegals to vote as False News.

Of course, Facebook doesn’t stop at labeling posts they don’t want to be shared as False News, they are also labeling posts as Hate Speech.

Here is an example of one labeled as Hate Speech shared by a fellow Patriot.

How in the heck is that Hate Speech? If they want to stop Hate Speech, why not go after those saying that President Trump or VP Pence should be assassinated? How about the ones saying that ANYONE who supports President Trump should be killed?

Oh, I forgot, anything those on the left says is perfectly okay to the Facebook Goon Squad.

For those of you who support the Trump Dispatch Facebook page and groups, if they should suddenly disappear, you will know why. It’s because we’ve pushed enough buttons that upset the crazy leftists and their accomplices in Social Media.

This is what we are up against, my fellow Patriots. The left is becoming more and more unhinged as they see the American people standing up and pushing back. For far too many years, we went about our lives in silence. We didn’t worry about politics and what the corrupt Swamp Creatures were doing.

However, they took things too far with their evil Globalist agenda. This movement against worldwide corruption is growing every day. Those in power are in a full-blown panic as their hold on the American people is slipping away after the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States of America.

He has done what no others before him were able or even willing to do. He has turned the tables on the Swamp Creatures and is exposing them and their MANY crimes against the American people.

Thank you for your continued support of this website, and please ask your friends to subscribe also. We are in a battle for the soul of our great nation. If we don’t stop this steady march toward Socialism, which will eventually lead to Communism, our children and grandchildren will live under the deadly thumb of tyranny.

China Is the Model Biden’s Regime Wants for America


Contains Opinion of the Writer

Tucker Carlson contends, “It’s very obvious now that from day one, China was the model that American officials and public health officials used to respond to COVID here; in fact, it still is the model. In fact, lockdowns are still happening in China. They never really ended, and our public health officials have never stopped applauding those lockdowns.”  

Why does Tucker believe this? Watch this informative video and discover what Tony Fauci said when he sent someone over to see what was occurring there.

As you heard in the video clip, Tony Fauci wants the U.S. government to do the same here in America. Deputy Clifford Lane, sent to China by Fauci, was stunned by what he saw there. 

Entire Chinese cities had been quarantined, the whole city. Huge numbers of people were forcibly locked inside their own homes, sometimes to starve to death. Secret police cruised the streets, forcing pedestrians into windowless vans for the crime of being outside. Household pets, dogs and cats, were declared unclean and beaten to death on the sidewalk.

So, Lane returned to the U.S. to tell Tony Fauci what he’d seen there. According to a new report in The Epoch Times, based on depositions that emerged this month, Tony Fauci was envious.

When asked by a reporter about human rights violations worldwide, John Kirby says that the White House doesn’t need to speak on behalf of the citizens worldwide because they speak for themselves. So, according to Kirby’s answer, our leaders in the White House will not even defend against human rights violations.

Can you see the problem with his answer? We fought in war worlds against human rights violations. We lost millions of Americans in vicious wars to defend human rights. Now, look at us; all those soldiers who lost their lives in wars would be ashamed of us. If we do not stand up against what our government is doing, we will be treated like the Chinese citizens are treated. In fact, the stance on China, according to our government, is a model for what they want to do in America. Think about that.

According to the news, ten people died in this apartment, including a child, when the Chinese authorities locked them inside.

My friends, this is quite disturbing. America was started because of rights of people were violated by England. Our history is surrounded by the fact that we stand for human rights—the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Instead, the Chinese government is violating their citizens to live their lives in freedom. And what the Chinese government is doing to their people is a model for what Biden and his regime want for America.

Do you think President Trump would have sat back and watched China do this to its own citizens? No, he would not. MAGA patriots have fought for our freedoms alongside President Trump while the mainstream media called us liars, terrorists, and conspiracy theorists. It looks like we were right all along.

If we do not stand against evil, it will occur in America. It already has to a certain extent, but it can be stopped if we take a stand against tyranny. Therefore, we must first and foremost pray for God’s mercy and guidance. We then must become brave warriors for our country.

Balenciaga Brand Sexualized Children in Advertising Campaign


Contains Opinion of the Writer

The world in which we live today is twisted and sick. The liberals want to change America into a communist nation, and the rich and wealthy celebrities with the elite deeply entrenched in politics want free rein with our children. These elites are attempting to sexualize our children right before our eyes. The elite and the left want to teach our children how to perform sex acts in school and confuse them over their sexuality. It seems they aren’t trying to hide what they want to do anymore.

One such company blatantly came out with a campaign for Christmas sexualizing children. In the campaign, a child is shown with a teddy bear dressed in bondage gear, including a fishnet vest, studded collar, and harness.

These photos contain an excerpt from the US Supreme Court opinion in United States v. Williams, which upheld part of a federal child pornography law. law.cornell.edu/supct/pdf/06-6… scotusblog.com/case-files/cas…
This is not an innocent mistake. It isn’t reassuring.

CEO of Balenciaga parent company owns the auction house that sells child sex mannequins with genitalia for faces and grotesque art depicting naked children with mutated bodies and sex organs. Groupe Artémis, the holding company of billionaire Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault – husband of actress Salma Hayek – owns Christie’s House .

WARNING: The following links show DISTURBING pictures that should upset all adults who see them and SHOULD NOT be viewed in front of children. However, we should know what these sick pedophiles are doing to children.

  Your News Christie’s House

The Christie’s House shows a series of art pieces by brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman, including mannequins of children with erect penises and anuses in place of a nose and mouth.

A top Balenciaga stylist’s social media was exposed as containing many shocking photos and works of art depicting motifs of Satanism, witchcraft, and sadistic child abuse. They can make up to $500,000 or more.

Dan Bongino disgusts liberal fascination with sexualizing young kids and their grotesque reasons for the perverted fascination. Also, Dan addresses disturbing comments from the White House, which sum up why we’re fighting against them.

The company did release a statement declaring they strongly condemn child abuse and that the did not intend on promoting child exploitation in these campaigns. Statement below.

Many Hollywood clients purchase items from this business, which is their right to do so, but if this company or any other businesses are exploiting children then they need to be called out, prosecuted, and closed.

MAGA Conservatives and President Trump have told you all what was going on in Hollywood.Mainstream media covered it up and protected the pedophiles. Many called us Conspirators and insane, but the truth we have warned against is coming to light. It is up to us to stop sex trafficking of children and women. Donald Trump has fought for our children and it is why the Elites in DC and Hollywood hate him so much.

If we do not stand against the sexualization and exploitation of our children, then who will? We are our children’s advocates and it is our job to protect them.

Biden Administration’s Lack of Control at the Border Allows Child Trafficking


Contains Opinion of the Writer

Fox News contributor Sara Carter discusses the Biden admin’s lack of control on the border crisis on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

“These children are being trafficked for organ harvesting. These children are being trafficked into the United States by sexual predators. And the tragedy here is that our government is literally aiding and abetting these traffickers. The only way they can make this happen is if they are allowed to enter the United States. If the Biden administration does not change its course immediately, then they are absolutely 100% responsible for every single child that gets murdered that gets taken that is used as a slave that gets used in sexual labor.”

She is right. Biden administration has no control over Border Crisis which is getting worse daily. We need those borders closed, and the cartel shut down. Every government official that is turning a blind eye and allowing this to continue is shameful and should be removed from office and prosecuted. President Trump had the borders closed, secured, and walls to stop all of the traffickings, but it is open season for the Cartel to traffic these precious children.

Died Suddenly, Presented by Stew Peters, is Now Live on Rumble


Contains Opinion of the Writer

On November 1, I introduced you to Died Suddenly, hosted by StewPeters.com., on Rumble. Well, it is now live and ready for you to watch.

Introduction to Died Suddenly as described by StewPeters.com on Rumble.
Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world – even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet… we never seem to believe them.
The Stew Peters Network is proud to present DIED SUDDENLY, from the award winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer.
They are the minds behind WATCH THE WATER and THESE LITTLE ONES, and now have a damning presentation on the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history. It is now live and ready for you to watch.
Please share this video with everyone you know and love. Let’s get the truth out!

Merrick Garland Appoints New Counsel to Attack President Trump


Contains Opinion of the Writer

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced late last week the appointment of a special counsel to continue after President Trump announced he would be running for President again. This should anger every American in our country because as President Trump says, “They aren’t after me, they are after you, I’m just in the way.” What do you think they will do to us once they remove all of the brave political opponents standing up to them?

Western Journal rightfully points out that it is another Democratic/RINO witch hunt that has wrongfully hounded the former president in different mutations for the last six years.

The extreme liberals want to eliminate the constitutional rights that our forefathers fought for. Biden and his cohorts despise us little people and see us as nothing more than subjects to rule. Some of us have awakened to the extremist agenda for the people, which is to, as Bill Gates says, depopulate the world and rule over the people. The rest of the people in America need to wake up and stop cowering to whatever the current regime dishes out to us, or we will end up with their feet on our necks. Look at what the Brazillian far-left dictator is doing to those protesting his election.

The dictator threatens to take their children from the people if they do not comply with him and his regime. As Western Journal points out, America is slowly heading the exact way of Brazille. We have our people locked up in a DC jail and treated like third-worlds treat their detainees.

The newly appointed Special Counsel, Jack Smith is connected to former first lady Michelle Obama. Smith is married to a documentary filmmaker who worked on a 2020 film about former first lady Michelle Obama and donated to President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign.

President Trump has fought for us since he came to the political field and has paid a great price for it. It is now time to stand up for him and our rights before they are gone. He is right, this is just another witch hunt.

Once we lose our rights, it will be tough to regain them.

Happy Thanksgiving from Trump Dispatch


We at Trump Dispatch wish you and your family a happy, safe, and full Thanksgiving. We appreciate every person that reads and comments on our articles.

I shared this playlist for your enjoyment should you want some soft music playing in the background at your Thanksgiving gathering. I also want to thank my Saviour, Jesus Christ, for the gift of Salvation and my Father, God, for the blessings He has bestowed on all of us. God bless you all.

Supreme Court Grants Congress Access to Trump’s Tax Returns

FILE - Former President Donald Trump announces he is running for president for the third time as he pauses while speaking at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., Nov. 15, 2022. Attorney General Merrick Garland named a special counsel on Friday to oversee the Justice Department's investigation into the presence of classified documents at former President Donald Trump's Florida estate as well as key aspects of a separate probe involving the Jan. 6 insurrection and efforts to undo the 2020 election. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

Contains Opinion of the Writer

According to Daily Caller, the Supreme Court found a way to allow Congress to access President Trump’s tax returns.

President Donald Trump requested that the Supreme Court block the House Ways and Means Committee from reviewing his tax returns, but the Supreme Court denied his request. The committee has been after the tax returns and files in connection with Trump and eight of his businesses. Trump had appealed to the Supreme Court to stop the committee from reviewing his tax returns, but the court turned down Trump’s request Tuesday.

On October 27, a three-judge panel on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Trump’s request to block the tax returns, pushing him to file an emergency appeal in the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Roberts granted President Trump’s request on October 31 but on Tuesday the court ruled to vacate Robert’s orders.

President Trump argues that the committee’s tax return review request would if allowed to stand, “undermine the separation of powers and render the office of the Presidency vulnerable to invasive information demands from political opponents in the legislative branch.”

President Trump is correct in all he fears, but the committees after him don’t care. They want to ‘get’ him any way they can, and in this situation, unfortunately, the Supreme Court has helped them further their agenda.

House Republicans Say They Will Investigate Joe Biden and His Family


Contains Opinion of the Writer

House Republicans vow to investigate Joe Biden and his family, but will the truth come out, and will Joe receive reasonable judgment if he is found guilty of knowing what Hunter was up to and what was on the laptop? I hope so. But we cannot seem to have fair elections, so how can we depend on the justice system to do the right thing?

I trust Jim Jordan, so I believe he will do all he can to see this investigation through because he thinks the American people are entitled to the truth. And he is correct; we are.

When the White House Spokesperson was asked about Joe’s involvement with any of his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings, Karine Jean Pierre had this to say.

She doesn’t answer the question but reflects it elsewhere by saying the Republicans should focus on caring for the American People, not on one family. And this is what the Democrats do. They investigated President Trump and nearly got away with ruining him. They expected us to accept that Donald Trump was guilty of everything they accused him of and remove him. And they did succeed in stealing the election from President Trump in 2020.

However, when their guy and his family get investigated, our representatives and we in DC are trying to get to the truth; the Democrats say we need to focus on something else. Why are they so uncomfortable about Joe being investigated for his involvement with Hunter? But, you know, the Democrats don’t want a free nation but one where they control the narrative and the American people. Now that we have awakened and decided that we aren’t going to be spoonfed their trash anymore, they are feeling the pressure. We must continue to apply pressure until the entire truth about everything comes to light. And, oh, my, it is so fun to watch the Democrats squirm.

Elon Musk Reinstates Donald Trump on Twitter


Contains Opinion of the Writer

According to Western Journal, Elon Musk took a poll on whether he should reinstate Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Fifteen million voters in 24 hours replied to the survey with a resounding ‘YES.’

Elon Musk tweeted, “Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” translating to “the voice of the people is the voice of God,” Musk announced less than 30 minutes after the poll officially ended that the 45th president’s account would be brought back online.

The comment sections under several of President Trump’s old tweets, precisely one of the last ones he created, blew up with comments from those who love and support Donald Trump.

Like it or not, social media is a significant arena today. What occurs inside the social media arena is essential, specifically to free speech. We must pay attention and fight for every single freedom.

I find this interesting because I know the democrats hate the love that Donald Trump is receiving from the Twitter community. I would enjoy seeing more ‘mean tweets’ from President Trump and watching the liberal nut’s heads explode!

I know President Trump says he is not returning to Twitter, but I think he should, as he still has a large fan/follow base. These warriors stuck it out there and fought for the freedom of Conservative voices while taking much abuse from the liberal Twitter community. They deserve love and loyalty in return.

The GOP Taking Back the House May Cause a Political Realignment


Contains Opinion of the Writer

I always enjoy Dan Bongino’s thoughts on things that are occurring in America. In this segment, he talks about the big news that the GOP has taken back the House. He also addresses the massive political realignment happening that could benefit conservatives.

On a positive note, I hear about people being arrested for voter fraud in various states every day, so the truth is coming to light. However, we must never give up the fight. We will overcome.