Videos that Democrats Hate

We all know how quickly a video challenging the left vanishes. Well, we here at Trump Dispatch, do our best to capture and save them on our website for our fellow Patriots to share. You can download the video by tapping the 3-dots at the bottom right side of the video or tap in the upper right corner of the video to share it.

If you come across a video you believe needs to be added to our growing collection, please let us know at [email protected].

This is spot on.

Excellent song. (profanity alert)

Are we about to get our freedom back from the corrupt elites? I sure hope so. I’m sure most of us were shocked to learn we lost our sovereignty as a free country in 1871. It’s time to reclaim OUR country.

President Trump: 4 more years of winning

This Trump 2020 Campaign Ad was banned from YouTube

President Trump pronounces war on the Fake Media – Thunderstruck

Trump Battle Cry – We’re Not Going to Take It

Fight Like a Flynn

Banned Trump 2020 Campaign Video

Trump- Silent Running

SAVE OUR CHILDREN – Warning: this video contains graphic images. This is why the Elites HATE President Trump. Their evil deeds were hidden in plain sight. Now it’s time to pay.

In God We Still Trust

The REAL reason the powerful world elites HATE President Trump

The story of Donald’s Bible

Proof of voter fraud by altering the voting machines

The TRUE History of Joe Biden

Who is the REAL Kamala Harris?

Ballot stuffing in George 2020 Presidential Election

Poll workers filling in empty ballots


It’s Just a Mask

I Wear my Face Mask – Parody Video

The China Communitst Party controls Joe Biden

When the fraud is exposed all will learn that Trump WON California

Candace Owens about Censorship

Save the Children: The real reason the left hates President Trump (warning: graphic images)

A message to the American from a friend to the north

A call to action for the Patriots