Welcome to the Trump Dispatch

We are excited to announce the launch of our new publication where Trump Deplorables and Patriots can come for news they can trust. If you are tired of all the Fake News out there today and the never-ending left-leaning reporting, this is the place for you. We will always strive to bring you Truth in Reporting.

We will strive to bring you not only factual reports, but also those that will shine the light on truth on subjects many refuse to cover. We will also bring you All things Trump with those stories that never seem to make the cut on other news outlets.

We have the 2020 Presidential election beginning to take off, so we need to roll up our sleeves and get ready to help President Trump win re-election. We have far too much to lose should one of the Socialist Democrats take the White House.


    • Get a telegram and start filling following accounts to be amazed, mind-blown and flabbergasted. There is some crap you have to filter through. Don’t believe everything you see, but don’t think that just because there’s something that sounds like a plot to a sci-fi or scary movie, that it means it has to be fake or untrue. If haven’t been broken yet, prepare to be broken. It is, 💯 ٪ the best thing that has ever happened to me. You will defintely understand the world in a few extra dimensions than your comfortable with at first..but this will fade as you realize how many of us there are and how, they process a large presence, few of them there really are. Human beings are capable of MUCH more than we have been taught. I promise you will not regret going in with an open mind. Here’s a good list to get you started.. You can branch out from there.

      Dr David Martin
      Expose the PEDOS End the CABAL
      D.U.M.B.s and Underground war
      John F. Kennedy Jr.
      The Donald
      Debunking Germ Theory
      John Durham
      Operation Pogo/Zepgr

    • We feel the same way, Mary. We, here at the Trump Dispatch, will do everything we can to share nothing but the truth. We are not affiliated with the Trump administration. We are just proud Trump supporters like you. So, together, we can work hard to help President Trump win four more years to continue with his America First agenda.

  1. NWO is now threatening mass inoculations and forcing shots. How much longer can we hold back Patriots ready to fight for this country.

  2. How do you know that is schedule is true if you are not affiliated with the Trump administration? I sure hope this is true. I am so ready for Trump to set back in office. All eyes on the audits today.

  3. Something is really off with this schedule. This is Biden’s schedule. I watched President Trump’s rally in George on Saturday the 25th. That isn’t even listed on here. I am guessing this is a troll page?

  4. Hi, I realize that President Trump and the Military are waiting for the right moment to reveal things, but it just breaks my heart to see how many people will suffer from the vaccine and other nonsense. I hope and pray that they come out soon (immediately) so that there is no blood on their hands.

    I am grateful for all that President Trump and the Military are doing for the people and the children.

    Lord Jesus, please protect us all…in Jesus name.


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