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We, the People, are FED UP and have HAD ENOUGH of BLM, ANTIFA, and members of the Democratic party who are vilifying our police officers.

The Seattle Police Officers Guild held a Pro-Police rally in Seattle, and guess what? Not one person or police officer was injured at the rally. SHOCKING. Not really, because that’s how rallies and PEACEFUL PROTESTS are supposed to play out.

Instead of looting, tearing things up, and screaming obscenities at others, like the BLM protesters, these good people came out peacefully in support of the SPD as the city council was preparing to defund their police. The Seattle City Council’s DEFUNDING includes disbanding the Navigation Team responsible for caring for Seattle’s homeless as well as some SWAT, school officers, and other programs officers are involved in.

Watch this video and be amazed at the support our officers genuinely have. Their petition reached over 100,000 signatures in support of the police officers. God bless these people for standing up for all that is right and good in our country.

The next video shows counter-protesters coming out and stirring up a little trouble, and the two groups clashed, but quickly faded back into peaceful protests.

With the Seattle City Council voting to cut $3 million from their budget for Law Enforcement, and cutting 100 officers, it has begun down the path into anarchy for their city. If other cities in our country were to follow, then it would not be long before our country is consumed by anarchists, and we cannot allow it to swallow our nation. We must put a stop to the idea of defunding our police before it takes root.

One way to put the brakes on the war against our police is to VOTE in November for conservatives who will fight for our officers and our people. We must get involved at a local level. Vet any candidate trying to get your vote. All our problems with the government begin at the local level and spread out from there.

President Trump has fought hard for our officers and our nation. However, to win this battle, we MUST re-elect him to four more years. President Trump has more to do, but he can’t do it alone.

We must get involved in this fight for our officers as well. If a Pro-Police rally comes to your town, join them by adding your voice to stop this dangerous DEFUNDING of our law enforcement.

Please keep our officers, our President, and our country in prayer as we watch this battle unfold.

GOD bless our officers, our president, and our nation.

Remember in November Vote Red

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