The Democrats have tried to destroy President Trump with every dirty trick in the book. However, if one is INNOCENT, all the lies and games will always result in an EPIC FAILURE.

Such is the case of the second attempt by the Democrats to convict President Donald J. Trump. Yes, I know many will say he should be referred to as the ‘former’ President. However, in my opinion, he is STILL the President. We all know he won a LANDSLIDE victory. We all know the Democrats cheated. As far as I’m concerned, Biden is a fraud, and the Democrats should ALL face criminal charges.

In this video, ol’ Nancy Pants is having a major meltdown because she failed yet again to convict President Trump. She knows this will lead to her own destruction, and to that of the Democrat Party. She is in a complete panic, and I must admit, it’s a blast to watch.

Enjoy the show, my fellow Patriots.

Short verison…

Full verison…

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  1. I wonder if she said that with a straight face! Couldn’t tell with the mask on. That self righteous, crooked, conniving, ###t is the biggest P## I’ve ever seen. If she doesn’t drop her obsession with Trump when she and her pals like Comrade Eric, Schumer, Nader, et al should all be held accountable for their crimes against the American people.


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