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Pedophiles are evil individuals who prey on children. Many years ago, sexual abuse of children was never talked about, families pushed the ‘secret’ into a corner never to be recognized, or the pedophiles convinced the victim it was their fault that it happened to them, shaming or scaring the victim into silence with, “Your family won’t love you anymore.”

Today, many people are trying to justify pedophilia. The ‘woke’ in our society want to call pedophilia a normal behavior and even suggest it is a normal sexual orientation. In addition, the argument has risen that pedophilia is connected to the LGBT community, but the LGBT rejects the connection.

Clovergender is, to summarize, some people want to become part of the LGBT community. The premise of the gender is that a person is a younger age at heart, and therefore it’s okay for them to be with someone much younger, they’re an adult and the person they want to be with is a minor. Many memes Identify Clovergender individuals as agefluid and use hashtags to associate the fictional gender identity with the LGBTQ community.

According to USA Today, Fact-checkers cite “Clovergender isn’t part of the LGBTQ community.”

Pedophiles and their advocates work hard to convince the rest of us that we should accept pedophilia as a normal part of society. Others want us to call it a disease. They want to change the terminology to something kinder sounding toward the pedophile. I agree with the man from the video blow. There is a quick cure for pedophlia disease.


The ODU professor, Dr. Allyn Walker, highlighted in the above video, has been placed on administrative leave after his comments.

In an interview with the Prostasia Foundation, professor Dr. Allyn Walker argues for using the term, “minor-attracted people” — or MAPs — to describe people attracted to children.

“It’s less stigmatizing than other terms like a pedophile,” Walker said. “A lot of people, when they hear the term pedophile, they automatically assume that it means a sex offender. And it isn’t true. And it leads to a lot of misconceptions about attractions toward minors.”-Dr. Allyn Walker.

Andrew Lambakis, the president of the ODU College Republicans, spoke out against Walker’s remarks.

“I was very surprised and shocked. I didn’t believe it until I saw it on Twitter, I’m actually thinking about planning a peaceful protest against Allyn Walker.”

In my opinion, pedophilia is not a normal sexual orientation. It is not normal behavior, and pedophiles are not ‘children trapped in an adult’s body and therefore should be treated as a’child.’ That is such a ridiculous statement. Is it a disease? I do not believe it is. I think it is evil people who have sold their souls to Satan. And in my opinion, there is no redemption for them.

There is an attack on our children today like I’ve never seen before, and it is up to us to fight for them. We must know the lingo of pedophiles in order to protect our children.

Hollywood is a cess-pool for pedophilia from the movies released promoting pedophilia to the parties hosted so the elites can commit their crimes. Many stars are stepping up to reveal the evils of the industry used to abuse children.

Washington D.C. is also full of pedophiles and it is all coming out. We must never back down from this fight. We should watch our representatives to make sure they never normalize pedophilia and call them out if they defend pedophilia in any way.

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