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“Border agents have become babysitters,” says Texas Congressman and Oversight and Reform Committee Member Rep. Pat Fallon. Rep. Fallon spoke with Newsmax in an interview that gives me the indication that our border agents have had enough and are talking back. I believe these men and women who serve our country at the border on the front lines every day have a right to speak their minds. I, for one, am proud of them for taking a stand against the travesty that is occurring at the border. You can hear the border agents confronting the chief over the illegal crossings in the clip below.

These men and women are not allowed to do their jobs as intended. It doesn’t help the agents when the bureaucrats from Washington show up and scrutinize everything the agents do and videotape them as they do their work. The bureaucrats need to go back to Washington and allow our agents to do their jobs. They need to work with the agents on their behalf to make our agent’s job at the border easier.

Our agents should be allowed to protect the borders, prevent illegal aliens from crossing our borders, and stop drugs and weapons from pouring into America. But, our border patrol agents have become babysitters.

I agree with President Trump, “Biden has surrendered the Southern Border.”

Do you realize how much sex trafficking is occurring there? These illegals are using children to come across while abusing them and selling them as products. The cartels have a FREE PASS at our border, and it has to STOP.

My fellow Americans, if something is not done to stop the illegal activities at the border, I fear we may lose our country to the illegal aliens crossing. We have no idea who they are, where they are coming from, and what they have on their minds to do when they arrive.

Americans living along the border suffer from theft, murder, and destruction of their property. Please, call your members of Congress and tell them to take a stand, or we will put someone in their seat that will stand up for the American people in the border crisis. We want the borders closed. We want the bureaucrats to leave our border agents alone to do their job without scrutinization, and we want the illegal aliens caught and sent back to their countries. If they’re going to come to America, they need to do it the right way, the legal way.

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