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The United States Constitution protects our rights to possess firearms.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,

the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

The liberals will do anything to attack our Second Amendment rights, including attacking a P.E. instructor in Hot Springs, Wyoming, who is teaching his students gun safety with air rifles.

According to The Western Journal, a few people jumped onto Facebook to spew their venomous opinions.

“Training the next school shooter young and providing the guns on campus nice,” one Facebook user wrote.

Another user suggested that this training amounted to “literally raising possible school shooters.”

I agree with the author of the original article, Grant Atkinson, “This kind of rhetoric is obviously misguided for multiple reasons. First, the post clearly stated the children were given air rifles, not fully functional firearms.”

The liberals were so eager to attack that they didn’t understand the differences between air rifles and fully functional firearms. They might need to take a firearm course.

I applaud Mr. Dromedi for teaching the students gun safety and appreciate the school allowing the instruction to occur. However, I don’t understand why some people are upset over the firearms class happening in this school. It is pretty standard for programs such as 4H and other associations to teach children skills and trades that will help propel them into well-rounded individuals. Firearms training is undoubtedly one of the valuable skills kids need to learn.

We need to defend this teacher and the school’s right to teach firearm safety. I would much rather have young adults and children learn how to safely use a firearm to protect themselves if they were assaulted than have no protection.

Above all, our Second Amendment is to assure we have the right to bear arms. We must NEVER lose this amendment. Once we lose our freedoms, it will not be so easy to restore them from a tyrannical government.

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