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From 1956 until 1991, the Soviet Union consisted of 15 Soviet Socialist Republics.

The former Soviet Union

My travels to the area in 1993 took me to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Belarus, Ukraine, and the city of Kyiv, where I visited hospitals full of sick children affected by the Chernobyl incident. I also visited churches and a women’s prison. While there, I met many people and fell in love with them. They were so hungry for God’s word that we handed out many Bibles. The country is beautiful and reminded me of my home state, Tennessee. And, I liked their food.

I am sorry the citizens in Ukraine are suffering as the two countries battle for control. I pray for them and that the fight will end soon.

However, I have researched and discovered that there is more to this story than we average citizens understand so that I will withhold my thoughts on the situation for now. Putin may not be the bad guy in this fight.

Today, I want to remind us, we have a crisis right here in America. It is up to us to voice our disgust and our concerns to D.C. We must HAVE AN OUTCRY OVER OUR BORDERS LIKE THE OUTCRIES I SEE OVER UKRAINE.

I believe our government uses this situation to distract us from the problems we are having here in our own country. And, we Americans are so easily distracted.

Every day, illegal aliens pour into our country, and they are welcomed with open arms by our government while our border agents struggle to maintain peace. Our borders are not protected. The border gates are wide open. Allowing anyone to come in without vetting them is not protection. I do not blame the agents for this tragedy at our borders, as they are doing what our government orders them to do.

Children are trafficked at the borders, drug cartels are gaining ground while they transport drugs into America, and God only knows what kinds of criminals are crossing our country.

We need to be concerned for the American citizens living on the border that have to endure things the mainstream media ignores, as does our government. Americans assaulted, their property vandalized, and our citizens have died at the hands of illegal aliens coming into America.

We need to call our senators every day on this critical issue and never let it rest until our borders are CLOSED and SECURED.

America has always shined as a beacon of hope to other countries. If we fall, there is nowhere to run. We cannot help other countries if we are weak. And we are inadequate.

We were strong under President Trump, but Sleepy Joe has made us vulnerable and weak.

I pray for Ukraine, I pray for Russia, and I pray for Israel. But, of course, I also pray for America.

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