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Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Daniel Harris, and Brandon Caserta faced federal charges for allegedly conspiring to kidnap Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer in October 2020.

All four defendants, who pleaded not guilty, faced life in prison if convicted of kidnapping conspiracy.

Harris and Caserta were found not guilty of kidnapping conspiracy. The jury also found Harris not guilty on other charges. However, the jury could not reach a verdict for Fox and Croft, after which US District Judge Robert Jonker declared a mistrial for those defendants.

Two other men did plead guilty but now that the others were acquitted, could it be that they potentially submitted to the pressure put on by the FBI to ‘confess?’

As it turns out, The jury agreed with the entrapment theory that the FBI planned the whole thing and carried the plot forward.

“The DOJ in one of the most high profile terrorism cases in which they put enormous resources, they could not convict one single defendant.”-Dinesh D’Souza.

I liked Dinesh D’Souza’s reaction to the details of the trial outcome. I had similar reactions. Mr. D’Souza explains why it is an essential loss for Biden, DOJ, FBI, and the Deep State.

Biden and his friends want to make Americans who support Donald Trump and conservative values appear as dangerous and unhinged people.

The far-left Democrats are the dangerous ones. They try to grab our guns and will trample over our amendment rights at every opportunity. Can you imagine what will happen if the Deep State succeeds in taking our Second Amendment right away?

However, in this instance, their lying and scheming did not work. It backfired on the DOJ. The Deep State lost this fight. They are losing a lot of fights lately, and it gives me hope that America is not lost yet. We can still save her.

Every loss for the Deep State is a win for Americans. Their carefully planned demise for America is falling apart right before our eyes, and it is a wondrous thing to watch.

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