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Joe Biden spouts out ‘facts’ about handguns that are not precisely facts. It appears the president needs new ‘fact checkers’ regarding gun information. The carelessness he shows while giving false information is dangerous.

But the gun activists aren’t allowing him to get away with false facts. Most Americans know that the constitution is there to protect our rights as United States Citizens. And the government has no right to infringe on our rights. These brave Americans will continue to fight for our Second Amendment right when others will fall to the oppressive government.

However, some Americans would give up every freedom to ‘feel safe’ and even listen to a senile president who has no clue how to run anything. I suspect that America and Canada are working to disarm their people as fast as possible.

Biden says he cares about the safety of our children, yet he will not do anything to protect them or make the schools more secure. Instead, he wants to take the guns from the people who use guns for self-protection and nothing more.

In many cases of shootings, it is armed citizens who take the criminal down and save lives. That is a fact.


Thank God we have Americans who are brave enough to fight for our freedoms amid threats and attacks on our liberties. One day, the rest of America may thank the ‘conspirators’ for standing in the gap for freedom.

If you are a freedom-loving American, you need to call your representative and tell them to stand for the Second Amendment.

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