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The Elite Plans Our Destruction Each Year From Davos

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Opinion of the Writer

The ruling class, upper society, and Elites of the world have plans for the common people.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is an international NGO headquartered in Geneva, Canton, Switzerland. The mission of the NGO is to “improve” the world’s Status by engaging in Academic, political, and business agendas. Every year the NGO hosts an annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Leaders from all around the world join WEF Davos and discuss the global issues for four successive days. The conference includes global leaders, business people, and civil society.

As you heard from the clip, one person says, with Bio-technology and AI, the Elite will be transformed into gods. They plan to universally support the common people even if they don’t work, keep them home, and into reality-based video games that will be more exciting than the real world. Sound far-fetched? Maybe, but there are plenty of movies covering the subject.

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Many things I’ve seen become a reality in our natural world were portrayed in movies. Coincidence? Think about it.

It is well past time for you to wake up if you’re still asleep and join the rank of warriors fighting for not just America’s children and freedom but also the world’s.

Don't be censored

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