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Did you hear the one about President Trump throwing a hamburger, beating a federal agent, and stealing a limo? Sounds absurd, right?

Well, this is the testimony of one Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to President Trump’s then-chief of staff, Mark Meadows. Keep in mind that she was not in the limo. Hutchinson is REPEATING a story SHE HEARD from Secret Service agent Bobby Engel who was in the limo with President Trump on January 6.

As I watched this woman give her testimony, I could see a hint of a smirk on her face, almost a smile.

HEARSAY. Did we learn nothing from the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard deposition? You cannot take a filtered, second-hand story and run with it as truth. C’mon, Man!

The penalty for perjury varies. Federal law permits that anyone charged and convicted for perjury can face up to five years in prison and pay a series of fines. State laws, on the other hand, provides varied punishments for perjury. However, perjury is regarded as a felony across all the states.

Do these people really think Americans are so stupid as to believe such a story? People, particularly MAGA quickly came to the defense of President Trump, many asking the question, “How do you grab the steering wheel of a limo from the backseat with a partition between the two?” Good question.

Donald Trump is a strong man who was not a part of the swamp. This is why these loony leftists did not want him in D.C. and did everything they could to destroy him, including cheating on an election.

President Trump always responds best to attacks and fake stories about him. Also, President Trump and Secret Service with him have stated they are ready to swear an oath that this incident did not occur.

It is absurd; any intelligent person can see right through this testimony. These people who are out to destroy President Trump must genuinely be getting desperate for material.
What angers me about this is that this farce of a trial is on the American people’s dime. It is time this hearing ends.

People are right about this hearing. It IS a CLOWN SHOW.

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