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President Joe Biden and the White House no longer hide their hatred toward MAGA Americans. The leftist liberals call MAGA an extremist threat to our democracy. According to the White House, MAGA is a dangerous Extremist group.

President Biden and his handlers are going after 70 M+ Americans who are, in reality, fighting tyranny using the guidelines outlined in the United States Constitution as our tool of choice. Unlike the Democrats, who use violent groups and propaganda as their weapons to destroy democracy and tear America apart.

If standing for our constitutional rights makes us extremists, we must continue wearing MAGA as a badge of honor. Our stance against the left’s socialist agenda is the only thing stopping them from completely destroying America. So, hold the line, Constitutionalists Americans, and never give one single right away!

However, as one commenter warns, we must never give them a reason to say, “See, we told you the Republican MAGA is dangerous.”

blurrygirlinablurryworld, 11 hours ago

“Just in case you don’t know, their goal is to make MAGA angry. Don’t respond to their lies. Don’t let them win even by an inch.”

blurrygirlinablurryworld is correct. We must never react to their anger toward us with violence but continue to spread the truth in love for our country and for our countrymen. We have God our Father and our United States Constitution on our side, so we will WIN.

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