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Biden Administration’s Lack of Control at the Border Allows Child Trafficking

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Fox News contributor Sara Carter discusses the Biden admin’s lack of control on the border crisis on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

“These children are being trafficked for organ harvesting. These children are being trafficked into the United States by sexual predators. And the tragedy here is that our government is literally aiding and abetting these traffickers. The only way they can make this happen is if they are allowed to enter the United States. If the Biden administration does not change its course immediately, then they are absolutely 100% responsible for every single child that gets murdered that gets taken that is used as a slave that gets used in sexual labor.”

She is right. Biden administration has no control over Border Crisis which is getting worse daily. We need those borders closed, and the cartel shut down. Every government official that is turning a blind eye and allowing this to continue is shameful and should be removed from office and prosecuted. President Trump had the borders closed, secured, and walls to stop all of the traffickings, but it is open season for the Cartel to traffic these precious children.

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