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Former President Barack Obama had concerns about his former vice president running for the White House, according to a published report.

The New York Times, citing sources it did not name, said that in March, two of Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden’s top staff members were summoned to a meeting with Obama and some of his staff.

In addition to discussing strategy, Obama himself had a sobering message for Biden’s aides concerning his fears for the campaign, should Biden run for the Presidency.

Obama told them that regardless of the outcome of the race, the aides needed to be sure Biden did not embarrass himself or damage the Obama legacy.

The Times also reported that Obama at one point earlier this year indicated Biden should not feel forced to run for president.

As we’ve all witnessed, the former VP is struggling with facts of past events. While he is currently leading in the polls, in this writer’s opinion, that won’t last much longer.

While the liberal media pundits laugh off his many ‘gaffs’, he appears to be someone who is playing loose with facts or is struggling with memory issues.

So, with the Democrat Party moving to the FAR-left, can someone like Joe Biden win the Democrat nomination today? Doubtful.

Don't be censored

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