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We all knew it would happen. We all knew they were guilty.

With the bombshell news hitting the media yesterday about General Michael Flynn’s case being dismissed by the DOJ, the Russia Collusion LIE has blown up in the faces of the Democrats and their accomplices in the leftist media.

As a patriot and supporter of President Trump, I must admit that I’ve had a smile on my face since the first announcement. Like all of you, I have wondered when the truth would come to the surface of the dirty, corrupt DC swamp. When would their actions to destroy the Trump Presidency and anyone connected with him prove their guilt of orchestrating a coup d’etat to overthrow a duly elected President?

Well, by watching their actions on the morning news shows, TODAY is that day.

In their effort to circle the wagons and protect themselves, their latest target is AG William Barr.

Yes, Gen. Flynn pled guilty, BUT he only did it to protect his son from their threats against him. What parent wouldn’t do what was necessary to protect their child from wrongful prosecution? Gen. Flynn threw himself on the sword to save his son. Apparently, that’s something the Democrats don’t understand. Oh, that’s right, they have NO problem murdering their children while still in the womb, so sacrificing an adult child to save themselves would be nothing for them.

So, as the days go forward, the Democrats will squirm and cry injustice. They will claim the rule of law has been corrupted by President Trump and his supporters. They will point fingers at EVERYONE… ANYONE to keep attention off THEIR corruption. However, it will be an epic failure.

When they targeted Gen. Flynn, they picked on the wrong man. When it all comes out WHY they chose him for destruction, it will lead to the complete unraveling of the corrupt Obama administration.

Operation Hammer: Obama’s Secret Weapon

We all knew former President Obama was behind the fake Russia Collusion Hoax. We knew he had activated his loyal minions to stop Donald J. Trump, then President Trump at ALL COST.

A man like President Trump sitting in the White House was their worst nightmare. After years of being a powerful international businessman, he knew where the ‘bodies’ were buried. As he has said before, he knew how the system worked, but he wasn’t a member of that special club.

Today is a great day for the USA. We have taken a first step in the destruction of the ‘old guard’ controlling the halls of government in Washington DC.

Patriots, it’s finally time to round up the swamp creatures and give them a good, hard dose of justice. I’m sure we’ll all be entertained as they attack each other in their attempt to slip off AG Barr’s radar.

As I said earlier, today is a good day. Today, all freedom-loving Americans have been vindicated in our faith of President Trump. We never believed the lies told by those in the corrupt, leftist media. We were called fools and conspiracy theorists because we said the Russia Collusion investigation was a LIE to remove OUR President and destroy all the wonderful things he’s accomplished, in spite of them.

Hold your heads high, my fellow Patriots. The avalanche of evidence exposing the massive corruption of the swamp creatures has only begun. Now, the first question is… WHO will be the first to fall?

Don't be censored

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