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Sudden Adult Syndrome is on the rise, doctors warn. SADS is a term used to describe unexpected deaths in adults, much like SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

A ‘mysterious illness’ is suddenly attacking young people(under age 40), and it has doctors baffled. As a result, doctors warn young adults to have their hearts checked regardless of their health status.

Hmm. I wonder what this new ‘mysterious’ illness is?

Dr. Ryan Cole makes a valid point with which I agree. Prior to 2020 and COVID-19, people went about their lives primarily normal. “A couple of athletes per month used to die on the football field or on the soccer pitch. Now we’re getting hundreds each month dying.”

Why? Dr. Cole has the answer.

Meanwhile, the American President has vaccines for children under five readily available. In a news conference, the Biden administration unveiled a plan to ensure that if the Food and Drug Administration authorizes vaccines for children below the age of 5, they will be readily available starting as early as the week of June 20.

Joe Biden, Bill Gates, George Soros, and all of their companions who believe the world is overly populated, do not care about a rise in SADS or the damage that is occurring and will continue to appear in children who take the vaccine. Now, they want to give it to children under age 5. And unfortunately, there will be parents who will give it to their children and take however many boosters they are ordered without question. It breaks my heart that people crumble so easily and give their freedom away quickly under pressure. God help us.

It does not take a genius to figure out what is happening. Dr. Ryan Cole explains, “Dr. Bruce Patterson, pathologist, and colleague, showed that the spike was persisting in our circulating CD 16+ monocytes for up to 15 months! So, it’s insanity to keep pushing the most deadly, dangerous medical product ever allowed to persist in humanity.”

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