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I wrote an article sharing a Children’s Health Defense video on Friday. FDA Wants to Vaccinate Children 6 Months to 4 Years Old

The meeting was scheduled to take place on February 15 (tomorrow). However, our pressure on them may be working as the meeting has been canceled.

Citing insufficient data, Pfizer today said it will delay applying for Emergency Use Authorization of its COVID vaccine for infants and children six months to 4 years old.

I will take that victory, but Children’s Health Defense encourages us to keep the pressure up.

The FDA did not say when the February 15 meeting would be rescheduled, and Pfizer did not indicate when it would apply.

Mary Holland, President, and General Counsel, Children’s Health Defense, questions that the FDA uses flawed Risk-Benefit Analysis to approve vaccines for children.

We should ask ourselves why they want to vaccinate our children so badly that they would use flawed data?

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